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No pennies, but a pendant for your thoughts.

"So don't pass by that penny when you're feeling blue. It may be a penny from heaven that an angel's tossed to you." During the Second Anglo-Boer War (South African War) of 1899 - 1902, one of the English's most effective methods of demoralizing the Boer-forces was to remove the Boer women and children from their farms to be placed in concentration camps, after which proceeding to burn the farms to cinders. These women, despite their circumstances, had quite a reputation of being strong warriors in their own right. It is said that each camp had taken a survival theme from the Bible to act as an unfaltering source of hope and encouragement. Matthew 10: 29 - 31 was the...

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Pandemic positivity

Across the globe the coronavirus pandemic has caused quite a stir, to say the very least. Even in our usually busy, bustling, and beautiful country the streets are silent and the cities asleep. But while humans are seemingly under house arrest, nature has responded in a flourishing manner, absorbing every bit of pollution-free air, water, and soil. This just once more highlights our dependency on earth and earth’s total independency from us. Even as we watch with wonder how the natural world around us is prospering, we cannot escape the slight tinge of selfishness that comes with human nature, almost like we cannot escape the confinement of our homes. We yearn for all we so easily take for granted and...

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