Pandemic positivity

Pandemic positivity

Across the globe the coronavirus pandemic has caused quite a stir, to say the very least.

Even in our usually busy, bustling, and beautiful country the streets are silent and the cities asleep. But while humans are seemingly under house arrest, nature has responded in a flourishing manner, absorbing every bit of pollution-free air, water, and soil. This just once more highlights our dependency on earth and earth’s total independency from us.

Even as we watch with wonder how the natural world around us is prospering, we cannot escape the slight tinge of selfishness that comes with human nature, almost like we cannot escape the confinement of our homes. We yearn for all we so easily take for granted and we cannot always understand why we aren’t allowed to experience the wonders of a beautiful nature hike, the mesmerizing view from a mountain peak or a leisurely stroll through the African veld.

It’s specifically in times like these when we have to take hands – or on second thought, rather not – but come together nonetheless in a collective effort to look past these aforementioned negatives and appreciate the small and often overlooked natural wonders in life.

Something beautiful is sure to come shining through, no matter the situation, even in times when it seems most improbable. Like the African proverb goes: No matter how long the night, the day is sure to come.

-Mathilda Steyn-

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So excited to go back into nature after this lockdown. Thank you Stofad


Thank you for the positive message


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