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Coffee – much more than just a drink

Coffee makes it feel as though all things are possible. Many of them are highly unlikely, but they are possible… Similarly, it’s fairly unlikely for you to have ever thought of the following few things, but I can assure you that they, too, are possible. People still tend to dispose of the grounds left behind after coffee has been brewed. Well, in a world where recycling, up-cycling, and down-cycling (forgive me if I forgot another “cycling”) have become popular, used coffee grounds have also found new purposes: Fertilize your garden. Coffee grounds contain key minerals for plant growth, such as nitrogen and phosphorus. They also absorb heavy metals that contaminate soil. You can even compost it for later… and no...

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The Recycling Renaissance

The Recycling Renaissance Save the earth! It’s the only planet with coffee! Jokes aside, saving the earth can be done easily by simply participating in a small but necessary process... So, don’t be trashy! Be a hero! Recycle! In recent times people have finally started to recognise the importance of recycling and sustainable living. Subsequently, countless reasons have arisen as to why a reality where recycling reigns supreme should be the only reality there is. The obvious reason that comes to mind is the immense reduction of stress on natural resources. By introducing recycling, the extraction of natural resources drops in demand. Recycling also uses much less energy than raw material production. Furthermore, in a country where unemployment is an...

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Maak 'n verskil

Partykeer wil jy net 'n verskil maak...  Ons leef in 'n tydperk waar ons konstant bewus is van ons omgewing en die impak wat ons daarop het.  Ons voel dus genoodsaak om 'n verskil te maak, om beter keuses te maak en te dink aan ons jeug se toekoms deur aksie te neem... plant 'n boom, red 'n renoster, maak die oseaan skoon...  Tegnologie maak dit egter vir ons maklik om deesdae ons gewete skoon te hou, jy kan 'n verskil maak sonder om eens uit te gaan en self die laaste renoster op te pas.  Daar is talle organisasies waar jy skenkings kan maak en siedaar, jy betaal dalk 'n veldwagter se loon.  Ons kan self produkte koop aanlyn...

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