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BrewSpoon - Single Cup Coffee Brewer

BrewSpoon - Single Cup Coffee Brewer

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BrewSpoon - The Easiest Way To Make Great Coffee

Brew single cup filter coffee in a few easy steps (works great for tea too):
Fill it. Cup it. Brew it.

  1. Fill it
    Open and fill your BrewSpoon with 15g to 18g of your favourite, coarsely ground coffee. Close it.

  2. Cup it
    Place your closed BrewSpoon in your empty cup and fill the cup with hot water.

  3. Brew it
    Stir for roughly 60 to 90 seconds until all the air is released from the BrewSpoon chamber and allow it to brew for 3 to 4 minutes. Remove and enjoy!

Why BrewSpoon?
- Make a single cup of filter coffee in minutes rather than a full pot
- Great for on the go, at the office, camping or travelling
- Customise your coffee experience with more or less ground coffee for a stronger or weaker brew
- Quickly dispose of used coffee grounds and easy to clean

- Made from 100% safe, food-grade polypropylene (plastic) and 150 micron 304L stainless steel, in Cape Town, South Africa.

What's in the box
1 x BrewSpoon coffee or tea infuser

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