Coffee-history: it’s bean quite a ride…

Coffee-history: it’s bean quite a ride…

Coffee-history: it’s bean quite a ride…

My blood type is coffee.
As coffee was discovered before blood types, that may have ‘bean’ a common belief…

Coffee is the second-most traded commodity in the world. It became popular and set off a social revolution by creating the modern coffeehouse after being discovered by goats.

A goat herder from Ethiopia is thought to have discovered the invigorating effects of coffee in the 16th century when he saw his goats excitedly jumping around after eating berries from a tree. I’m not comparing people directly to those goats, but I do understand their excitement. These berries were dried and ground and with hot water an early version of coffee was born.

Though, had the zealots gotten their way there wouldn’t be many coffee houses open today. Coffee has a history of suspicion and religious disquiet. Luckily, people came to their senses. Besides, if coffee was truly that wrong, then who would want to be right?

Coffee has become so popular that it has been incorporated into countless culinary creations. The most interesting must probably be the drink’s evolution into a wine glass… Mooiplaas Wine Estate introduced ‘The Bean Coffee Pinotage’ in 2010 and with its “dark purple colour and mocha/roasted coffee bean/dark chocolate flavours” it became quite a hit.

Whether you’re on the Langpad, Bergpas or wine route, coffee is an essential. And whoever said that ‘too much of a good thing is bad’, lied. There truly is no such thing as ‘too much’ coffee. It’s a timeless, normless classic.

-Mathilda Steyn-

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