Coping with coffee

Coping with coffee

“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?” 
– Cassandra Clare

In a world of slight chaos, these words are sure to resonate with every coffeeholic out there. Every shimmer of joy can light up the seemingly overbearing darkness. Even when that joy comes in a cup…

Although we are missing out on adventures, whether that be a coffee-date with friends or a moonlit night on a hiking trail, one thing we have gained is time. Usually there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day, now we have hours in abundance. And how to better spend those newly acquired hours than unwinding and relaxing, relieving yourself from that overbearing stress of urban life? And how to better do that than with a cup of coffee?

Strangely enough, contradicting the stereotypical caffeine-hype you experience after a cup of coffee, coffee has proven to be an effective way to calm and ease nerves. Scientists have long suspected that caffeine boosts moods. Several studies, in fact, have found a link between coffee consumption and a reduced risk of depression. These studies suggest that it's the caffeine itself that helps us cope with stress and puts us in a better mood. Who would have guessed? With the whole country and world being stress-ridden, a bit of flavoursome stress-relief is the least that each individual deserves.

They say there is no time like the present, and there is certainly no better time than right now to curl up beneath a blanket with a good read in one hand… and a cup of Stofpad coffee in the other.

-Mathilda Steyn-

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