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Elephant Firelighters

Elephant Firelighters

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Eco-friendly firelighters

Elephant Firelighters was established with nature conservation and anti‐ poaching as the main drive behind the product.

Elephant Firelighters are made from sun-dried elephant dung, carefully treated with our patented flammable additive. These extraordinary firelighters burn consistently for an impressive 35 minutes, making them the perfect choice for every fire on you r next adventure.

We exclusively source our elephant dung from Adventures with Elephants, a reputable Elephant and Rhino sanctuary. You can rest assured that this sustainable sourcing approach has no adverse effects on wildlife conservation. 

When you choose Elephant Firelighters, you're also contributing to a noble cause. A portion of the proceeds from our firelighter sales goes directly to supporting the Rory Hensman Elephant Research and Anti-Poaching initiative. Your purchase not only kindles moments of warmth but also fuels the battle to protect these magnificent creatures and their habitats.


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