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Liza M Roux

We are going to Kruger National Park

We are going to Kruger National Park

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I am now already on the second print run of the English version since this book has been published in July 2019.

My childhood memories inspired the story and also all the fellow Kruger lovers who each have their traditions when they visit Kruger.

This is the story of a family visiting Kruger National Park. The story includes the packing and planning, the journey to the park and the Kruger experience.

For many of us, our love for Kruger started at a very young age and also for a new generation, that love for the bush and care for nature is currently being cultivated by their parents.

This book will be enjoyed before going to Kruger, at Kruger and afterwards looking back on the memories. There are plenty of opportunities for thought provoking-conversations with your child in the storyline. This book is perfect for both pre-school and those learning to read.

Both adults and young readers will love the colourful illustrations done by South African illustrator Alex van Houwelingen. Alex, sadly passed away early in 2020 after a battle with cancer.

An Afrikaans copy is also available. Read more here. “Ons gaan Krugerwildtuin toe

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